Beach Resort Vacation Packages

When you are looking for a beach vacation you are looking for a place to spend some time to relax. It’s always better when you can save a little money on the whole package. Looking over some of the top resorts in the world I ran across the Ocotal Beach Resort in Costa Rica. The resort is a four star beachfront resort for people to enjoy. They are also offering a free night of stay for people who stay at least three nights. This allows you to extend your vacation at least one more night.

The rooms at the hotel are great. Each room will have either a private balcony or terrace for you to enjoy that overlooks the beach. As we move outside you will be greeted by a pool that overlooks the ocean front. There is also a wonderful hot tub to enjoy.

For those who are looking for activity in your vacation they have plenty of options to get you going. The two primary options are scuba diving and fishing. You will find some of the best sport fishing in the world in Costa Rica. You will be able to catch tuna, marling and more year round.

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