Beach vacation Packages

When looking for spot to enjoy the beach for spring break you will find many options. One area that has been known for spring break for decades is Fort Lauderdale. Members from many different generations speak of great tales they made down to the Florida coast for their spring break vacation. While the area has changed over the years you find many people still looking to enjoy the Florida Sun.

There are numerous hotels you can choose from for your vacation. One that is in the center of it all is the Marriott that overlooks the beach and is part of the Beach Place Hotel. You will be able to access many different bars and restaurants from this location. You also will have access to the private pool and be able to walk off the beach directly into your hotel room.

Also when the night hits you will be a short cab right to the downtown area. Here you will find plenty of clubs that promote the spring break atmosphere you are looking for. One spot that you must hit is Automatic Slims. Here they will have nightly events and have the best looking women bartenders in the area.