Beach Weekend Package

As you look into the best beach resorts one that comes up I the Marbella Club Hotel in Spain. This place has been around for years and some of the wealthiest families in Europe have been coming back year after year. You will find the resort is well tucked away from the world by the lush tropical gardens that encompass the resort. You will be able walk to the back and enjoy the luxurious beach that overlooks the Mediterranean.

The resort has 84 rooms and 37 suites for people to enjoy. If you need a little more space look into the 14 Andalucian style villas that are one the property. Each villa has its own private garden and pool to enjoy.

On the property you will find many activates to partake in. The golf course was designed by Dave Tomas to bring a magnificent 18 hole course to enjoy. On the course you will enjoy limited play that has 30 minutes in between tee times. For those who love riding there are Riding Stables on the property. You will be able to around along the coastline for some spectacular views.

Of course when you are ready to relax go over to the Thalasso Spa to enjoy of the best spas in Europe.

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