Discount Beach Packages

When looking for the top beach vacations in the world there are many options one can look into. When you start looking at all of the top beaches in the world it becomes difficult to separate them when looking to make a vacation. This leaves us looking at many different options besides the beach to help make our trip. On my search for the top beach packages I found an exciting escape on the beaches of Virginia Beach.

The beach alone in Virginia is a great option for many who are looking to escape. Our travels take us to the Atlantic Sands Oceanfront Hotel. The hotel offers a great ocean front property will wonderful room rates. What brings us here is their whale watching package. Yes no longer do you need to travel across the globe to see whales off the coast. From their location they have built packages around the Whale Watching Boating Trips that leave the city. For as little as $84.95 a night you can get your room along with the excursion, admission to the Virginia Marina Science Museum and more. While the beach might be the primary draw the whales will be what your family is talking about for years.

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